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Richard Rowan

Lives and works: Wimbledon, London
“By capturing the movement of light, I encourage my viewers to feel as if they are there in the moment. ”

From braving the Icelandic wilderness to traversing the towering mountains of Norway, Richard’s glass landscapes are fuelled by a passion for nature and travel.


Known for his reverse technique of painting – in which he paints backwards on the opposite side of a sheet of glass – Richard says he is on a constant learning curve. The medium enables him to achieve a much smoother gradient and colour spectrum than canvas. In turn, his natural phenomena are brought to life.

His unconventional method was honed using glass from the local tip whilst working at Formula One. Inspired by the art of J.M.W. Turner, he became fascinated by the power of light.

Richard says: “I am inspired by the magnificence and splendour of the natural environment. By capturing the movement of light, I try to encourage my viewers to feel as if they are there in the moment.”

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Inside the world of Richard Rowan

Richard is known for his back-to-front painting technique, whereby he paints in oil on the opposite side of the glass (something he admits has taken a lot of practice!). The glass is then baked in a makeshift box, where it dries out over two weeks. Following this, he scratches out the paint to add detail. 

He adds: "Instead of painting with acrylics, decorating paints or inks - in my eyes an abomination - I discovered the reflection of light . It was in this moment that my life started."

Richard's studio is at the end of the garden at his Victorian house near Wimbledon. He spends most of the day in his artspace, often working on up to five paintings at once. Once his children return from school, he enjoys some family time before getting back to his art. 

Magazines and brochures

Richard Rowan | New Horizons

Two years on from his acclaimed collection Dusk Dawn, Richard Rowan has cast his gaze towards the stars to bring us New Horizons, a new collection of original work.

Richard Rowan | Aurora Borealis

Mesmerising, ethereal, elusive and arguably one of nature’s most impressive displays, the northern lights have proved a worthy subject for this latest body of work by Richard Rowan, Aurora Borealis.

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