Paul Corfield

Born: Bournemouth
Lives and works: Dorset
Awards: Aesthetica Art Prize (longlisted, 2015)
Exhibitions: Royal Institute of Oil Painters Annual Exhibition (2020)
“The reason I paint is to escape. People can use my artworks to connect with their own escapism.”

Paul Corfield | Home From Home 2023

Bathed In Warmth

Paul Corfield

Highland Heather

Paul Corfield

Our Place

Paul Corfield

From sunset-soaked hills to seaside cliffs and snow-laden trees, Paul’s beautiful landscapes explore the beauty of the British countryside. Presented an idealised view of nature, his limited edition prints and original oil paintings add a feeling of peace and tranquility to any living space. His new collection, Becoming, includes his first-ever hardback book and a selection of brand-new artworks. 


Paul’s artworks are a fantastic choice for fans of both traditional and contemporary landscape art. Akin to classical landscape painters like J.M.W. Turner, John Constable, Titian, Camille Pissarro and Claude Monet, he has created a vision of nature that perfectly encapsulates the thoughts and feelings of the time. His positive outlook reflects a generation who is looking to the future, and who wants to bring happiness and nostalgia into their lives. 

Artistic license gives his vistas a fairy tale, dreamlike quality that has touched the hearts of collectors at all stages of life; from newlyweds decorating their first home, to families with children. In his early days, Paul researched the work of the Hudson River School movement, which was inspired by European Romanticism and its celebration of the emotions and aesthetics of art, music and literature. Other inspirations have included abstract art and 3D software, along with the American artist Grant Wood and the Disney illustrator Eyvind Earle. 

Each of his touching scenes features magical details, including tiny flowers, winding paths and the waves of the sea. The airbrushed appearance is created with a fine paintbrush and reflects the concept of idealism. He adds: “In my paintings, existence has been stripped back down to the basics: there are no telephone wires, no street lights, no roads for cars. It’s not a real world, but a world people wish existed. Everything looks like it is meant to be there; each element is in its right place.”

Released in October 2021, his first book, Becoming Paul Corfield, chronicles his growth from an up-and-coming artist in Dorset to a prolific painter with artworks in galleries nationwide. Celebrating 15 years with our publisher, the accompanying collection of exclusive limited edition prints and original artworks reimagines some of his most popular sold-out pieces from throughout his career.

Paul says: “People tell me they love my art or can picture themselves in it, which is so touching. Often, they buy it for a celebration or to remember someone they’ve loved and lost; this is very special to me.”

Discover Paul's new Becoming collection here.  

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Inside the world of Paul Corfield

Paul works from his home studio in the heart of the Dorset countryside. His painting process starts with a small thumbnail sketch, with Paul drawing inspiration from a range of sources, including memories, photographs, and scenes from television or Instagram. After scribbling down a sketch, he plays around with the composition and then plots it out on the canvas with a grid. 

Colour theory - mixing and combining colours to create visual effects - is integral to his work. Paul explains: "If I’m painting a sunset sky for a predominantly green landscape, I use purples and blues to really make the greens in the foreground pop. When painting a green field, I’ll underpaint it in bright pink so the little sparkles show through. I’ll start with the sky and the furthest hills and work my way forward, adding the tiny dots to the trees at the very end."

To add these details, Paul uses an optivisor with precision-ground optical glass lenses. He says: “The magnifier gives me 2.5x magnification, which allows me to perfectly space the dots so they don’t overlap. The distant trees and bushes usually have four different colours of dots: a lowlight, shadow, midtone and highlight. Distant houses in my paintings have tiny details too, especially the window frames. I can paint a tiny 1mm-wide frame with crossbars, which would be impossible without the magnifier; it’s like looking through a microscope.”

Speaking on his materials, Paul says: “I use only the best oil paints: they’re handmade with linseed oil and pigment for a long-lasting, vibrant finish. The pigment loading – how intense the hue is – is much higher, which stops the colours from becoming transparent and creates a beautiful richness. It may be more expensive, but it makes such a huge difference to my paintings. I try to work with sustainable materials wherever possible.”  

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