Lawrence Coulson

Born: Cambridge (1962)
Lives and works: South Lincolnshire
Exhibitions: Celebration (2019)
“People tell me they buy my art for an escape. They are trapped in offices or away from nature, and if I can transport them somewhere else, even briefly, then I've done my job.”

Lawrence Coulson | Journeys | 2022

Inspired by his local landscape, Lawrence's evocative paintings illustrate the power of nature. Fields, coastlines, woods and winding pathways are captured in exquisite detail, with the artist also rendering the beauty of natural phenomena such as sunrises, lightning, snow and fog.

The newest instalment of his collection: Journeys, released in August 2022, not only uses intense colours to transform Scottish and English scenery, but introduces the charming view of the city of Edinburgh - a first for the rural landscapist. 


As the son of the successful landscape painter Gerald Coulson, Lawrence was encouraged from a young age to explore his artistic talents. Over the last three decades, he has traversed and reflected upon the elements to develop his own distinctive style, which combines traditional landscape painting with modern techniques. In 2019, he celebrated his 20-year anniversary with our publisher, Washington Green Fine Art. 

Lawrence's paintings fuse the serenity and drama of landscape art. His majestic backdrops inspire a meditative mood, allowing the viewer to escape into the idealised scenery. Whether he uses a fiery or melancholic palette, his art combines the reality of everyday life and the escapist virtues of fantasy and nature. His everlasting love for the British landscape is weaved into every painting, with influences including artists like J.M.W. Turner, Caspar David Friedrich and Edward Seago.

Capturing natural light through finger-blended oil paints and fine brush work, his paintings are renowned for their ability to evoke powerful emotions. Some viewers have described his work as 'Turneresque', or described a spiritual experience. During his live-painting appearances at galleries nationwide, our collectors have been given an exclusive insight into his techniques and inspirations. 

The panoramic East Anglian landscape – especially the wide-open fenland and broad beaches of Norfolk – is a treasure trove of awe-inspiring scenes to spark his imagination. Lawrence adds: "The beauty of a landscape painter is that one never ceases to learn. My heart still beats for the incomparable landscapes of Britain and belongs to our fair and pleasant land."

His spring 2022 release, titled Journeys, explores the beauty of the Scottish Highlands. Depicting a moonlit sky and a blazing sunset over the northern coastline, these stunning scenes draw upon time spent in the wild and spiritual setting of the Cairngorms mountain range.

Lawrence says: "I see beauty in the simplest of things. I’m interested in playing with narratives and characters, and using light and texture in different ways to evoke emotions. My head is full of ideas I’d love to explore."

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Inside the world of Lawrence Coulson

Lawrence feels a spiritual connection to his surroundings, from the sights to the sounds and smells. He begins with a simple pencil line to denote the horizon before mentally mapping out the rest of the composition. Following this, he applies oil paint before blending it with his fingers and then again with a fine brush. He repeats this process until his painting does justice to the landscape in his mind.

He adds: "The very start is probably the most exciting bit, the moment when you put that blank panel or blank canvas on the easel. I get a buzz when I go to an art supply shop and see the blank panels standing there; to me it’s not intimidating at all. There’s a real sense of anticipation, even with a clear idea of what I’d like to lay down in paint. The best part is starting and seeing how a painting will develop."

Over the last few years, Lawrence has become more experimental with his technique. He uses cocktail sticks to meticulously scratch in detail and individual blades of grass, while palette knives add texture. Oil based materials give his works a lustre, depth, warmth and tone. 

He says: "I still take immense enjoyment from gathering my own reference shots, and I have been known to hare off with my camera at a moment’s notice if I spot a particularly striking sunset from my studio window. The landscape here in rural South Lincolnshire is a mixture of farmland, pasture and dense woodland. I can walk out into huge vistas with towering skies, or absorb myself in silent trees and foliage."

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