Peter Smith

Born: Mansfield (1967)
Lives and works: Lincolnshire
Exhibitions: Sex, Drugs 'n Sausage Rolls (2020), Eccentricus Britannicus (2019), Screwballed (2017)
“Complex, comforting, humorous, puzzling, perplexing and entertaining, each creation has its own story to tell. Somewhere, someplace there’s an Impossimal creation waiting just for you.”

Peter Smith | Shelf Life | 2024

Bon Appetit

Peter Smith

Peter and Jayne Smith are a British artistic duo and creators of one of the most collectable and beloved series of fine artworks. Popular culture, social critique and an insatiable love for finding the fun in life, Peter and Jayne's creations remind us to recapture a little of that cheeky childhood sparkle we so often grow out of.

Together they have created the Lost Impossimals™, Lost Alice™ and Impossimals® series, which feature his beloved characters in a range of humorous scenes and situations. The Impossimals have gained a dedicated following among art enthusiasts for their unique blend of humour, creativity, and artistic craftsmanship.

The British artistic duo have returned with a new contemporary still life collection full of popular culture references, social critique and as always an insatiable love for finding the fun in life. With intricate details and vibrant colour giving the artworks a surreal and captivating quality, famous brands are transformed into bold pop art parodies through sophisticated technique and The Smith’s characteristic touch.


With Peter as a contemporary still-life painter with a rich background in character graphics, and the duo’s humorous approach to life, their artworks are known for their intricate details and vibrant colours, giving them a surreal and captivating quality.

With inspirations and influences ranging from classic still life masters, to the off the wall authors and artists of rare and collectible publications and lowbrow surreal art movement, Peter and Jayne have a distinct approach to their artwork and unbridled creativity that has remained incredibly personal. Peter’s fusion of classical oil painting techniques and irreverent humour gives his work a decidedly contemporary twist.

Full of ingenious riddles, wordplay and visual jokes, the duo’s surreal yet endearing artworks make an incredible gift or finishing touch to a home. Adult themes of love, debauchery and gluttony are underpinned by a desire to make his collectors smile and remember "the imaginative wonderment and limitless creativity" we experienced as children, which Peter believes is "something we lost as we got a little older."



With an experienced background in character graphics, Peter Smith is an expert in capturing the essence of a person within drawing and animation. Originally intrigued by how few features allowed him to expressively capture and portray a person's character, the Impossimals were born and grew to represent many real people in Peter and Jaynes circle of family, friends, and colleagues.

Since then, Peters Impossimal renderings have captured the cultural imagination of a huge number of art lovers growing into a loyal collector base. By no means simple creations, the Impossimals have grown to encompass a rich backstory and span several expressions of existence. The Impossimals have always been created for and beloved by an adult audience, encompassing classic British wit and sarcasm; representing adult themes and recognisable expressions.

With everyone finding that little something they love, the Impossimals have become the most recognisable characters in Fine Art, no doubt down to Peters fine artistic craftsmanship and the amusing, ironic and all too relevant situational humour they find themselves in! Peter says: “Complex, comforting, humorous, puzzling, perplexing and entertaining, each creation has its own story to tell. It doesn't matter if you are young or old, which path through life you take, if you like art or not, or how and where you hang your art: somewhere, someplace there’s an Impossimal creation waiting just for you.”

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Inside the Impossimal world of Peter Smith

From baking hundreds of jammy cakes and scones to guzzling wine and installing a miniature working railway station, life at Impossimal HQ is never dull. The pair’s home is the perfect studio for their eccentric art, with quirks including a Victorian dining room and a two-foot teapot. Peter and Jayne are fond of creating a set to bring their characters to life, with Jayne using clay to form the shapes and metals and mixed media for the background. Peter in turn works mainly in oils on board for his paintings, and clay and cloth for the sculptures. 

Inside the studio is a wonderland of curiosities: along with a Victorian apothecary cabinet with real medicines, Peter and Jayne share their art space with a skeleton. Used for their Lost Impossimals™ and Lost Alice™ character work, this ghoulish figure is clad in a Victorian temperance sash, which was used during the social movement to prohibit alcohol. Atop its shoulder is a 1930s doll, and on its skull is a headmaster's mortar board hat, with a red wooden apple for its heart. 

Hanging on the walls are construction sketches for the Impossimal characters, along with a frame filled with an assortment of childhood memories, games and vintage artefacts. These include an old Secret Agent ID, a set of false teeth, a flintlock pistol, a belt buckle from Peter's teenage years and a box of working matches from 1903. Another quirky feature is a horse saddle, which Peter sits on to paint!

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We are thrilled to unveil the latest collection of limited editions and original oil paintings from British artistic duo and creators of one of the most collectable and beloved series of artworks, Peter and Jayne Smith.

Peter and Jayne Smith shake things up with their new Impossimals collection

Just in time for festive frolics at Christmas, the Smiths bring us a selection of classic cocktails in their Shaker Maker collection, featuring their classic Impossimals having a feast of fun!

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Peter & Jayne Smith | Shelf Life | 2024

We are thrilled to unveil the latest collection of limited editions and original oil paintings from British artistic duo and creators of one of the most collectable and beloved series of artworks, Peter and Jayne Smith. Shelf Life’s contemporary still-life paintings merge every-day kitchen cupboard essentials with a mischievous twist, bringing together Peter's rich background in character graphics and the duo's humorous approach to life.

Peter & Jayne Smith | Pick 'N' Mix | 2021

Pick up your nails and hammer because it's time to get creative with the art of Impossimal wallscaping! As the biggest release from Peter and Jayne Smith to date, the new Pick 'N' Mix collection celebrates 15 years of the mischievous duo's best-loved creations, with one limited edition artwork per year they've been wreaking havoc. 

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