Scarlett Raven

Lives and works: West Sussex
Education: Central Saint Martins School of Art
Exhibitions: National Army Museum (2019), Cass Art (2019), Titanic Belfast (2018), Manchester Central Library (2018), Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Building (2016)
“I paint what my heart tells me. These paintings are alive. They are hopeful, magical, strong, powerful…they are fearless.”

Scarlett Raven | Originals | 2024

Nature's Nectar

Scarlett Raven

Wild Blossom

Scarlett Raven

Sungrove Meadow

Scarlett Raven

Eden Fields

Scarlett Raven

Owned by celebrities including the Hollywood actor Orlando Bloom, Scarlett's textured landscape paintings have positioned her as one of the most exciting female artists in the UK today. With stylistic influences from Anselm Kiefer, Gustav Klimt and David Hockney, her emotive works are inspired by her personal connection with nature. In her newest release, Safe Space, the artist returns with landscape originals bursting with bright colour and incredible texture.

Scarlett describes creating a safe haven within her landscapes, made-up of several layers, floral foreground, expansive mid-ground, and an intense skyline background that the viewer can almost step inside of and feel the calming, exhilarating or cathartic qualities of nature for themselves, allowing viewers to step inside, take a deep breath and feel the grounding and awe-inspiring influence of nature for themselves. They create an escape, a safe place for viewers to feel whatever range of emotions nature and are inspire for them.


Scarlett’s childhood was defined by creativity. Her father was the late saxophonist Raphael Ravenscroft, who played with acts like ABBA, Pink Floyd, Tina Turner and Marvin Gaye. Encouraged by her model mother, Scarlett explored her artistic side as an escape from her struggle with dyslexia. Following her first solo exhibition on Cork Street, London, at the age of just 21, her career took off and she has since been featured by titles such as ES Magazine,Tate Etc.,Tatler and Time Out. Collaborations have included working with the art supplies retailer Cass Art and the English paint manufacturer Winsor & Newton.

Her innovative collections have included The Danger Tree, which explored the true story of World War One through layers of paint, animation and poetry. For Portrait: The Reason Why I Paint, she experimented with figurative works to depict childhood heroes like Frida Kahlo, Salvador Dalí and Vincent van Gogh. In The Eye of Heaven Shines, she manipulated paint to express the majesty of trees, using abstract forms, patterns and sculptural painting to imply movement. Her collection I am Reborn  was inspired by pregnancy and motherhood, whilst her latest, Lasting Impressions, is inspired by her admiration of Vincent Van Gogh and David Hockney.

Working with oil paints and acrylics, Scarlett adds splatters and daubs of paint to replicate the abundance of textures found outdoors. Her landscape works are a way for her to explore the geometry of nature, with elements like water and stars adding a feeling of serenity. Framed in a sustainable wood, all of her limited edition artworks are hand-embellished to echo the multilayered feel of her original paintings. 

Scarlett says: “Paint is thrown on, splattered and flicked. Spitting and dancing, it creates a whole world of magic. When people look at these paintings, I want them to feel themselves. I want them to provide somewhere to feel alive, a place to breathe and explore."

Lasting Impressions, is inspired by her admiration of Vincent Van Gogh and David Hockney. The first collection since she returned from maternity leave, and a lot has changed in the meantime. “This is the first time I’ve painted realism, working from photographs I’ve taken from roaming where I live, searching for scenery to paint. I’ve been gathering a feel and understanding of myself through being more conscious of my surroundings”.

Discover Scarlett's latest selection of hand-signed limited edition prints and original mixed media paintings here

Inside the world of Scarlett Raven

Scarlett Raven's latest collection Lasting Impressions has developed her vivid landscapes since her previous one, painting from images she has photographed near her home, and working in her signature impasto style with great physicality, digging into the layers of paint as a farmer would into the soil.

“Van Gogh is the reason I paint,” explains Scarlett. “In the short period of time he painted and lived, the way he was able to see the world was incredible and I’m trying to see the world in the capacity that he did. “David Hockney also loved Van Gogh’s work; both artists see the extraordinary in an unremarkable view and both are fascinated by the seasons, which bring about continuous change in nature. Hockney once said: ‘Lots of people scan the ground in front of them so they can walk, but they don’t really look at things. Van Gogh really looked’. Now I am really looking.

“In his early career, Hockney moved to Los Angeles and didn’t see the point in painting nature. Only in his later life when he moved back to England and saw what nature really is, he dedicated his life to it and became fascinated,” Scarlett explains.

She, too is driven by a passion for portraying nature. “The sun and moon are always an important feature in my work as they provide life, and everything on the planet relies on it to survive to be seen. I am guided by nature when I paint my scenes. “Lasting Impressions is definitely a progression, a growth, a movement from my last collections. It incorporates everything I’ve learnt, physically, technically, emotionally. Everything has been building up and influencing this collection”.

From the blog

Let Nature Embrace you in Scarlett Raven's New Collection

British Impressionist Scarlett Raven brings us an exciting new collection of nine original oil paintings featuring a dense overgrowth of wildflowers, sunflowers, poppies and daffodils, which evokes an enticing portal to a secret garden. Be prepared to lose yourself!

Scarlett Raven - Creating a Safe Space for Everyone

In a beautiful and moving new collection, Scarlett Raven makes incredible landscapes which the viewer can imagine themselves inside and feel the calming, exhilarating and cathartic qualities of nature for themselves.

Magazines and brochures

Scarlett Raven | I Am Reborn

Marking a new chapter in Scarlett Raven's artistic journey, I am Reborn is a celebration of her ineffable talent and the renewal she has found in motherhood.

Scarlett Raven | Portrait: The Reason Why I Paint

As a child struggling with dyslexia, Scarlett Raven expressed herself through paint. Encouraged by her art teacher, she created a world in which Frida Kahlo, Salvador Dalí and Vincent van Gogh were her friends. Their inner turmoil, self-love and courage gave her the confidence to pursue her dream of becoming an artist, and now, inspired by their self-portraits, she has reconnected with her 11-year-old self for a heart-warming journey of rediscovery.

It’s the first collection for Scarlett following her groundbreaking World War One project, The Danger Tree. Co-creator Marc Marot has once again integrated the artworks with layers of multimedia, including animation, graphics, music and narration – viewable with the Artivive app.

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