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AVAILABLE NOW: Mind-boggling art by John D Wilson

The illusionary artist takes viewers on a whirlwind tour of some of the world’s most famous artworks in his new 3D releases. First stop, Paris!
Artists: John D Wilson


Invite spring into your home!

With the lighter evenings and blossoms blooming on the trees, spring has officially landed. Bring nature inside and spruce up your home with our seasonal selection.
Artists: John Myatt, Paul Corfield, Stephen Simpson, Xue Wang


Online, in galleries or at home: read Fine Art Collector your way

It's not long until we release the brand-new edition of our magazine! In the meantime, we reveal how you can get your fix.
Artists: Raphael Mazzucco, Robert Oxley, Xue Wang


Your spring sculpture guide

We're known for our limited edition and original artworks, but you may not have seen our stunning range of sculptures. From frogs to shoes and even Peaky Blinders, there's a little something for everyone.
Artists: Frédéric Daty, Jeff Rowland, Malcolm Barrett


Art in film: Robert Bailey commission

Are you a movie buff? For those of you who know your Taxi Driver from your Gone with the Wind, we're offering the chance to commission an artwork by the pencil artist Robert Bailey. Make history and pick your favourite film scene!
Artists: Robert Bailey


AVAILABLE NOW: Northern Impressionism by Bob Barker

As one of the UK’s best-loved artists, Bob has touched hearts with his charming depictions of working-class life. He returns for 2019 with the latest instalment of his popular collection.
Artists: Bob Barker


Paul Stephenson leads current interior trends

Are you looking to spruce up your home this spring? We have just the solution! Check out the décor ideas you can recreate this season.
Artists: Paul Stephenson


Mess to masterpiece with Scarlett Raven

Behind every Scarlett Raven masterpiece is a glorious mess! See how she transforms her miscellaneous oil splatters into stunning pieces.
Artists: Scarlett Raven
Gallery: Newcastle


AVAILABLE NOW: Eccentricus Britannicus by Peter Smith

Quirky duo Peter and Jayne Smith have been busy touring the UK with their outrageous new collection, which includes original artworks and a personalisable print! Shop the collection now.
Artists: Jayne Smith, Peter Smith


Celebrating female art this International Women's Day!

Channel your inner empowerment and join us in celebrating the amazing talents of Eve Arnold, Carly Ashdown, Scarlett Raven, Pascale Taurua and Emma Grzonkowski.
Artists: Carly Ashdown, Emma Grzonkowski, Eve Arnold, Pascale Taurua


Where will you read Fine Art Collector?

Filled with art news, updates and behind-the-scenes insights, our magazine is definitely worth adding to your reading list. We recap some of the more exotic locations our readers have taken their copy.
Artists: Raphael Mazzucco, Robert Oxley, Temper


Young Fine Artist: congratulations Sam!

Our competition has kicked off for 2019, with a 12-year-old Cambridge pupil selected to display his work alongside art legends Bob Dylan and Ronnie Wood. Could your school be next?
Artists: Paul Kenton


Original Art of the Month

Shop our monthly selection for art as original as you are.
Artists: Stephen Simpson, Alex Echo, Emma Grzonkowski, Paul Kenton


Richard Rowan: how to paint on glass

Ever wondered how Richard Rowan creates his glass masterpieces? Read this article to get an insight into the unusual reverse technique of the skyscapes artist.
Artists: Richard Rowan


Explore the world through our art

Whether you're daydreaming about the hustle and bustle of New York City or the tranquility of the British landscape, here's a one-way ticket to some fantastic art. Jump on board for a tour of works by Paul Kenton and Lawrence Coulson.
Artists: Lawrence Coulson, Paul Kenton
Gallery: London - Covent Garden, Stamford


Inside Xue Wang's studio

She's the queen of the kooky and macabre, delighting collectors with her fierce take on traditional fairy tales like Little Red Riding Hood and The Ugly Duckling. So we were honoured to get a glimpse of the fashionista's art studio. Come in, if you dare!
Artists: Xue Wang


AVAILABLE NOW: After Warhol by Paul Stephenson

We are thrilled to present the debut collection from the contemporary artist, who has been lauded by the BBC and VICE Magazine for his groundbreaking collection of artworks - created using Andy Warhol's original acetates.
Artists: Paul Stephenson


‘Heroes made human’: Entertainment Weekly celebrates Marvel legend Stan Lee

The Marvel mastermind's own story is captured in a special commemorative edition of the best-selling American magazine. Join us as we take a deeper look into the life of the man who changed the comic book industry forever.
Artists: Marvel


Pick your favourite character! Tim Rogerson commission

We're working with Disney and Marvel artist Tim Rogerson for a limited number of commissioned original drawings, as decided by you. Now is your chance to own an incredibly unique artwork.
Artists: Tim Rogerson


From catwalk to canvas

It’s been a week of animal print, bright colours and celebrities as fashion giants like Vivienne Westwood and Burberry storm the catwalk for London Fashion Week. As the UK’s biggest fashion event draws to a close, we take a look at how our artists are influenced by the industry.
Artists: Pascale Taurua, Raphael Mazzucco, Xue Wang


What is Gen Z Yellow? Fine Art Collector investigates

Applied colour psychology expert Karen Haller speaks exclusively to our magazine about Gen Z Yellow, generational colour and how to introduce more sunny shades to your home.
Artists: John Myatt, Simon Claridge, Nigel Mason


Our artists in the spotlight

With the new year comes a brand-new series of exciting collection releases. Here's a behind-the-scenes look at our recent events with the wonderful Hamish Blakely, Richard Rowan, Nigel Humphries and Peter Smith.
Artists: Hamish Blakely, Nigel Humphries, Peter Smith, Richard Rowan
Gallery: Liverpool, Milton Keynes, Sheffield - Meadowhall, Solihull


5-star art for a 5-star hotel

We’re delighted to announce that our art will hang on the walls of the luxury hotel Abama Resort, known as the ‘jewel of Tenerife’.
Artists: Bob Dylan , John Myatt, Ronnie Wood


A brush with style: Farrow & Ball interview

The British paint manufacturer has reigned supreme in the interior industry for over 70 years. We get an exclusive insight from their Head of Creative, Charlotte Cosby.


Paul Kenton launches London / New York

Paul Kenton's upcoming release launches stateside! Beginning at Chase Contemporary in NY and closing in Covent Garden, Paul will be exhibiting in the two cities he captures so well.
Artists: Paul Kenton


"Gordon Banks was a goalkeeper with magic" - Pelé

Remembered best for a spectacular save against the legendary footballer during the 1970 World Cup, Gordon Banks inspired a generation - including Pelé himself. We celebrate the moment that sparked an unlikely friendship.
Artists: Pelé


Leap into love: Frogman Valentine’s Day

If there’s someone who makes you want to jump for joy, you’ll love the new release from Tim Cotterill. Make the most romantic day of the year un-frog-gettable with 'EsCargo'.
Artists: Tim Cotterill: Frogman


Shop Twilight by Richard Rowan

The ethereal crossover between light and dark, night and day, is captured by oil painter Richard Rowan in his powerful new collection, Twilight - which is available online and in galleries now.
Artists: Richard Rowan


Welcome to our home: introducing Stamford

Walking into our gallery is as personal to us as you relaxing on our sofa at home, tea and biscuits in hand. Our retail designer, Louise Barnett, reveals how she creates artspaces which make our collectors feel like a part of the family.
Gallery: Stamford


Why involving youngsters in art is more important than ever

With the number of students choosing creative GCSE subjects in decline, there are rising concerns about the future of the UK’s creative industry. Fine Art Collector investigates.


Pre-order Eccentricus Britannicus by Peter Smith

Those of a delicate nature, look away now. The hilarious new collection from Peter and Jayne Smith is an afterhours peek into saucy Victoriana. Find out more in their story time videos!
Artists: Jayne Smith, Peter Smith


Artists and their pets!

Who wants to see some outrageously cute animals? From Hamish Blakely’s giant bunny to Scarlett Raven’s fluffy pooch, we’ve collated some of our artists’ adorable pets.
Artists: Pascale Taurua, Scarlett Raven, Simon Claridge


The lure of Marilyn Monroe

Some of our most popular artists - including Simon Claridge, Stuart McAlpine Miller and Hamish Blakely - have captured the screen siren. We explore her iconic status in contemporary art.
Artists: Hamish Blakely, Simon Claridge, Stuart McAlpine Miller


Ronnie Wood’s Famous Flames Suite

The Rolling Stones legend gives art lovers an exhilarating front-row view of the band on stage, with artworks that convey all the electricity of a live performance.
Artists: Ronnie Wood


Discover iMasterpiece by Hamish Blakely

Request a digital brochure to shop the artist's new collection of original artworks, which were unveiled exclusively at our Liverpool gallery.
Artists: Hamish Blakely
Gallery: Liverpool


Lawrence Coulson painting masterclass

If you’ve ever wanted to know how to paint a landscape, now’s your chance! The British painter talks us through his best tips.
Artists: Lawrence Coulson


AVAILABLE NOW: Marvel 95 editions 2019

From Wolverine to The Amazing Spider-Man and Captain America, our new hand-signed Marvel release honours the late Stan Lee.
Artists: Marvel


A-moo-sing art: Caroline Shotton

The grass is always green in the world of the bovine artist, who cow-nts Grant Wood, Tretchikoff and Jacques-Louis David among her inspirations.
Artists: Caroline Shotton


Nigel Humphries' monsters and superheroes

Ever wondered what inspires our miniature superhero artist Nigel Humphries? Before he visits our Solihull gallery in February, we did some investigating…
Artists: Nigel Humphries
Gallery: Solihull


Explaining vignettes with Nigel Mason

Romantic encounters, childhood scenes and sunny beaches all bring life to the oil painter’s creations. We explore the method behind his nostalgic stories.
Artists: Nigel Mason


“I love bangers and mash!” Alex Echo

We caught up with the Impressionist artist, who was only too happy to chat about his passion for all things British and his exciting new works - inspired by the Beatles.
Artists: Alex Echo
Gallery: Glasgow


Sneak-peek at all things Castle

Our diary is bursting with exciting launches, events and new artists. Here's a glimpse of what we're looking forward to celebrating with you over the next few months.
Artists: Paul Stephenson , Peter Smith, Richard Rowan


Behind the scenes of After Warhol

London-based artist Paul Stephenson has spent the last decade working with Andy Warhol's original acetates and screen printer to create works art historian Rainer Crone has termed 'posthumous Warhols'.
Artists: Paul Stephenson


Paul Corfield's sketches in the countryside

Landscape painter Paul Corfield chats to us about his new pieces, which are inspired by nature and experiences shared with his young daughter.
Artists: Paul Corfield


Pantone's Living Coral Colour of the Year

From stunning portraits by Andrew Kinsman to the nostalgic scenes by Joe Scarborough, the Pantone Colour of the Year can be found everywhere!
Artists: Billy Schenck , Joe Scarborough, Paul Kenton


PARENTAL ADVISORY: Peter Smith's Eccentricus Britannicus

The risqué new release from Peter and Jayne Smith is a riotous ride for any fan of humorous art. Forget the family-friendly Impossimals you know and love.
Artists: Jayne Smith, Peter Smith
Gallery: Derby, Sheffield - Meadowhall


“This world is worth looking after” | Twilight by Richard Rowan

Our exclusive Richard Rowan video provides an intimate glimpse of the inspirations behind his soon-to-be-released collection, Twilight.
Artists: Richard Rowan


Honouring Stan Lee | Marvel 95s 2019

Following the sad loss of Marvel’s Chairman Emeritus last year, we are privileged to announce the commemorative new edition of Marvel Superheroes.
Artists: Marvel


John Myatt’s headline-grabbing ‘fakes’

Tricking collectors and experts alike, the former teacher’s paintings were described by Scotland Yard as the ‘biggest fraud of the 20th century’. Find out more.
Artists: John Myatt
Gallery: Brighton, Stratford-upon-Avon, Windsor


Coming soon from Hamish Blakely | iMasterpiece

Through the lens of the Old Masters, painter Hamish Blakely captures the snare of social media in his provocative new collection, iMasterpiece.
Artists: Hamish Blakely
Gallery: Liverpool


Life's a Carnival with Nic Joly

The curtains may have fallen on the miniature sculptor’s UK tour, but there are still some amazing pieces from the collection available. Let the show begin!
Artists: Nic Joly
Gallery: Guildford, London - South Molton Street, Stratford-upon-Avon


All about silkscreen printing

We take you through the centuries-old process, which was used for the songwriter and artist Bob Dylan’s iconic collection, The Beaten Path.
Artists: Bob Dylan , Billy Schenck , Simon Claridge


Braving Iceland with Richard Rowan

The artist and intrepid explorer filled us in on traversing the wilderness for Aurora Borealis and his latest works, which explore the natural phenomenon of lightning.
Artists: Richard Rowan


Hurry, these pieces are selling fast!

If your New Year's resolution is to make 2019 full of happiness and creativity, why not start by treating yourself in our winter sale? There's up to 75% off.
Artists: Alex Echo, Robert Oxley, Xue Wang


Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic and the evil Dr. Robotnik will return for Paramount’s blockbuster film in November, so we’re celebrating all things Sega with our record-breaking collection.
Artists: Craig Davison, Dan Lane , Frédéric Daty, Keith Maiden, Louis Sidoli, Nic Joly, Paul Kenton, Robert Oxley, Sega


Happy New Year!

2018 was a year of exciting new talent, groundbreaking art, an award-winning new website and our first-ever white paper. Join us as we share our best moments.
Artists: Raphael Mazzucco, Scarlett Raven, Stuart McAlpine Miller


Peaky Blinders, Nic Joly style

Capturing the infamous criminal gang in his own mischievous way, the new 3D wall sculpture from by Nic Joly is perfect for any fan of the hit BBC Two show.
Artists: Nic Joly


10 questions with Robert Oxley

Want to know what the psychedelic wildlife artist has on his playlist? Or who'd invite for dinner? Read on to get the inside scoop on our Fine Art Collector cover star.
Artists: Robert Oxley
Gallery: Manchester


A different kind of Christmas toy

The Toy Box Tales touring exhibition by Fine Art Collector contributor Paintings in Hospitals and #ToyLikeMe questions how differently-abled children are represented.


Our winter sale has landed!

We're dreaming of an arty Christmas, and to help put that into play, we've launched our annual winter sale. Shop up to 75% off artworks from across our portfolio.
Artists: Andrew Kinsman, Craig Davison, David Rees


Host an Impossimal party with Peter Smith

If you've got a festive soirée coming up, we've got just the thing! The delectable Peter and Jayne Smith let us in on their top tip(ples) for hosting the best Impossimal party.
Artists: Jayne Smith, Peter Smith


Shop Fine Art Collector!

Don't forget that our magazine isn't just full of exclusive interviews and sneak previews, you can also shop all of the art featured.
Artists: Nigel Humphries, Richard Levine, Robert Oxley


Eden in Manchester: Emma Grzonkowski

After featuring in Cheshire Living magazine, Emma dazzled crowds at our Manchester gallery with stunning original paintings from her new Eden collection.
Artists: Emma Grzonkowski
Gallery: Manchester


2018's most popular artworks

We've rounded up the bestselling pieces of the year, as decided by you! From Bob Barker to Billy Connolly, paintings to sculptures, our collectors are as versatile as our art.
Artists: Billy Connolly, Bob Barker, Nic Joly, Peter Smith, Robert Oxley


Romero Britto collaborates with Chiquita

Romero Britto has designed a new range of stickers for banana brand Chiquita.
Artists: Romero Britto


Our new website wins at the West Midlands Tech Awards!

We are the winners of the 'E-commerce Site of the Year' in The West Midlands Tech Awards 2018


Christmas has come early at HQ

It is starting to feel very festive at HQ with Save the Children's Christmas Jumper Day.


Lawrence Coulson’s ‘Everlasting’ love

Celebrated British landscape painter raises £550 to help protect Martineau Gardens: two-and-a-half acres of woodland and community gardens in Birmingham.
Artists: Lawrence Coulson
Gallery: Birmingham - ICC


LoveBrum's Bags For Brummies

Staff at Castle HQ have been busy collecting care packages as part of the Bags for Brummies campaign, which distributes much-needed items to Birmingham's homeless community.


Exclusive originals from Dan Lane

Following the release of the contemporary artist's Modern Relics series, we're delighted to reveal two stunning original pieces - available exclusively online.
Artists: Dan Lane


30 days free art insurance with Ultimart

Like any other valuables, art needs a little looking after. So we've teamed up with our recommended insurer, Ultimart, to get you 30 free days of free cover.


Echoes of the North with Nigel Mason

The Yorkshire-born painter’s touching new collection of originals sees him experiment with aerial perspective, adding a cool tone that’s perfect for winter.
Artists: Nigel Mason
Gallery: Newcastle


Underneath the mistle-toad with Frogman

Nothing says Noël like a new sculpture from the Frogman himself, Tim Cotterill. We’ll be hopping around the Christmas tree with the latest addition to the amphibian gang, ‘Spruce’.
Artists: Tim Cotterill: Frogman
Gallery: Guildford, Norwich, Stratford-upon-Avon, York


As featured in GQ! The New West by Billy Schenck

Bestselling men’s magazine GQ highlights the Spaghetti Western inspired collection in their new issue. The silkscreen prints are available online and in galleries from today.
Artists: Billy Schenck


Launch your professional art career with our white paper

Establishing yourself in the art world is no easy feat. Many aspiring artists underestimate the challenges of going it alone in the industry, so we've put together a guide to help. Subscribe to receive in your inbox.
Artists: Dan Lane , Robert Oxley


What’s your superhero name? Nigel Humphries

Iron Man, Deadpool and Black Panther are just a few of the superheroes brought to life in Nigel Humphries’ latest release. He dropped by Castle HQ to let us in on a few secrets, including his own superhero title!
Artists: Nigel Humphries


Exploring Daemons with Keith Maiden

Leonardo da Vinci and Philip Pullman influence Keith Maiden’s haunting new Daemons collection, which is available online following its launch at our Derby gallery.
Artists: Keith Maiden
Gallery: Derby


Bob Barker's lessons for life

Inspired by the northern light that illuminated the Yorkshire mill towns of his youth, Bob’s new 'First Lesson' sculpture evokes some of his happiest childhood memories.
Artists: Bob Barker


Guest artist: Joe Scarborough

Former coal miner Joe Scarborough brings a sense of theatre to his vibrant pieces, which are inspired by Impressionism and the drama of real life. We are delighted to release his collection of hand-varnished artworks online and in selected galleries.
Artists: Joe Scarborough
Gallery: Derby, Nottingham, Sheffield - Meadowhall


HQ brave the shave for Children in Need

Staff at Castle Fine Art HQ raise £1000 for Children in Need 2018 with a little help of an electric razor, waxing strips and artist Emma Grzonkowski.
Artists: Emma Grzonkowski


Get your Christmas shopping sorted

Finding the perfect Christmas gift can be a real challenge. That's why we're here to help!
Artists: Billy Connolly, Bob Dylan


Journey through space with Marvel's Star Wars

Despite the absence of Star Wars on your cinema screens this Christmas, you don't have to wait until 2019 to get your intergalactic fix!
Artists: Marvel


Wrap up warm with our winter art

Brace yourselves for our collection of winter-themed artworks! From snowmen to frosty landscapes, we're embracing the Christmas season.
Artists: Jeff Rowland, Ryder, John D Wilson


Pre-order Billy Schenck's debut UK collection

Following his tour of our Covent Garden, Manchester, Leeds and Cambridge galleries, you can buy from the Western artist's collection ahead of the official launch on 7th December.
Artists: Billy Schenck
Gallery: Cambridge, Leeds, London - Covent Garden, Manchester


Your £50 Christmas gift

As a thank you to our collectors, we're kicking off the festive season with a present from us to you. Read to find out how you can treat a loved one (or yourself) to a new artwork, guilt-free.


Born On A Rainy Day launches in Glasgow

Entertainment legend Billy Connolly stopped by our Glasgow gallery to launch the third instalment of his sell-out collection, Born On A Rainy Day.
Artists: Billy Connolly
Gallery: Glasgow


We’ve made the shortlist!

We’ve been nominated for 'E-commerce Site of the Year' in the inaugural West Midlands Tech Awards for our new-look website. Winners will be announced soon.


Remembering Marvel's Stan Lee

We pay tribute to the legendary comic book writer and editor-in-chief of Marvel Comics, who inspired a generation with superheroes like Spider-Man and the Hulk.
Artists: Marvel


Nic Joly raises £3,200 for charity!

The miniature sculptor continued his fundraising for The Royal British Legion with an auction of his emotive 'Golden Lives Never Forgotten' poppy sculpture.
Artists: Nic Joly


“It’s taken my art to another level!” | Dan Lane

Contemporary sculptor’s new Modern Relics series is inspired by Gian Lorenzo Bernini and explores how we treat our bodies in the modern age.
Artists: Dan Lane


Art in the digital age

Augmented reality artists Scarlett Raven and Marc Marot feature in a fascinating report released today, exploring the role technology will play in the future of art.
Artists: Marc Marot, Scarlett Raven


Saying goodbye to The Danger Tree

As the groundbreaking augmented reality project draws to an end with its last-ever artwork this Armistice Day, we look back at the legacy of Scarlett Raven’s WW1 art series.
Artists: Marc Marot, Scarlett Raven


Stand-up release from Billy Connolly

Ahead of the official launch of Born On A Rainy Day, we’re offering exclusive access to the award-winning actor and comedian’s original artworks.
Artists: Billy Connolly


Your favourite artists get spooky

Want to know how Xue Wang celebrates Halloween? Or which monster Robert Oxley would be? Of course you BOO!
Artists: Xue Wang, Robert Oxley


‘Groundbreaking historical event’: Bob Dylan

President of Halcyon Gallery, Paul Green, tells us why the musician’s new Mondo Scripto collection cements his position as a modern legend.
Artists: Bob Dylan


Fine Art Collector | Autumn 2018

Catch up on the latest edition of our art magazine. In this issue, we explore the Gen Z Yellow colour trend, delve into dark fairy tales with Xue Wang and explore Jeff Rowland's studio.
Artists: Peter Smith, Robert Oxley, Xue Wang, Jeff Rowland


Autumn 2018 collection

The new additions to our Autumn 2018 collection illustrate childhood memories. Bob Barker, Nigel Humphries and Nigel Mason reveal a touching insight into their youth.
Artists: Bob Barker, Nigel Humphries, Nigel Mason


Listen To Your Heart: personalisable Bob Barker

Heartwarming piece lets you add your initials to the heart carving – making it the perfect Christmas or anniversary gift. But hurry, it won’t be around for much longer!
Artists: Bob Barker


Meet 'Warhol of the West' Billy Schenck

The real-life ranch sorting world champion will bring his stunning exploration of Western mythology to the UK for the first time ever in November 2018.
Artists: Billy Schenck
Gallery: Cambridge, Leeds, London - Covent Garden, Manchester


Turning news interactive : The Danger Tree

Scarlett Raven and Marc Marot's WW1 series features in today's Times newspaper supplement, Raconteur. Use the Artivive app to discover the hidden poetry, animation and music.
Artists: Marc Marot, Scarlett Raven


High fashion with Pascale Taurua

The feminist artist tells us why her colourful past – including a stint as Miss France – has inspired her figurative pieces.
Artists: Pascale Taurua


Patterns and pooches with Richard Levine

Whether you’re team cat or team dog, you’ll find it impossible to resist the stunning debut release from Op artist and IN:SIGHT 2018 winner Richard Levine.
Artists: Richard Levine


It’s a small world...Nic Joly in Sweden

Successful opening weekend sees miniature sculptor present his work at one of Scandinavia's leading galleries for modern and contemporary art.
Artists: Nic Joly


Banksy and a shredder: a recipe for investment?

After the legendary graffiti artist ‘destroys’ £1 million artwork in Sotheby’s stunt, our managing director, Ian-Weatherby-Blythe, shares his thoughts with the Independent newspaper.
Artists: John D Wilson


Living in an arty paradise! Coolio visits Exeter

90s chart-topper is a Raphael Mazzucco fan after being introduced to his art by our Exeter gallery manager.
Artists: Raphael Mazzucco
Gallery: Exeter


World-first from Bob Dylan: Mondo Scripto

It's the first time ever that the artist, songwriter and Nobel Prize Laureate has visually represented his lyrics through his artworks and handwriting.
Artists: Bob Dylan


Access new Bob Dylan collection before release

Mondo Scripto is the first of its kind from the legendary artist and songwriter. Want early access? Click here.
Artists: Bob Dylan


IN:SIGHT finalists launch debut collection

Matthew Hampshire and Pascale Taurua impressed judges at our 2017 Summer Exhibition.
Artists: Matthew Hampshire , Pascale Taurua


Lorenzo Quinn has art crowd in his hands

Italian sculptor wows collectors at our ICC Birmingham gallery during exclusive VIP evening.
Artists: Lorenzo Quinn
Gallery: Birmingham - ICC


On yer bike! Bob Barker revs up art

Beloved artist gets blast from the past with motorcycle visit.
Artists: Bob Barker


Head-spinning new Peter Smith collection | Sotally Tober

Introducing Sotally Tober by Peter and Jayne Smith. Warning: you may find it Impossimal to resist this intoxicating release.
Artists: Jayne Smith, Peter Smith


Our most exciting launch yet! New website

Explore the Castle world with our brand-new website, featuring filter options, 'From the Studio' section and lots more.


Be on the list...subscribe now

Don't miss out! Join our mailing list for exclusive access, invitations and updates.


Your World, Our Art

Show us our art in your home for your chance to win £100 towards your next piece.


Terms & Conditions | Your World, Our Art

All you need to know about our #YourWorldOurArt competition.


Autumn 2018

Find your perfect piece this autumn!
Artists: John D Wilson, Matthew Hampshire , Nic Joly, Pascale Taurua, Paul Kenton, Peter Smith, Richard Rowan, Robert Oxley, Xue Wang


The art of giving: Ronnie Wood

Rolling Stones legend donates his time to rhino charity TUSK.
Artists: Ronnie Wood


In the studio with Carly Ashdown

Join us as we explore the figurative painter's artspace.
Artists: Carly Ashdown


About The Danger Tree

Scarlett Raven and Marc Marot are exposing the true story of World War One using augmented reality.
Artists: Marc Marot, Scarlett Raven
Gallery: Birmingham - ICC, Liverpool, Manchester


World-exclusive from Marvel | Unique Monoprints

Explore the only existing collection of Marvel monoprints, hand-signed by comic book legend Stan Lee.
Artists: Marvel



Catch up on all the gossip from our Summer Exhibition in Manchester, including some art-themed cocktails!
Artists: Richard Levine, Sadie Aucott, Victor Mikhailov
Gallery: Manchester


From gallery to catwalk: Simon Claridge

Model collector Claudia Schiffer shows off new Simon Claridge artwork.
Artists: Simon Claridge


Timeless elegance at The Savoy: Stuart McAlpine Miller

Your reservation is confirmed! Behind the scenes of Stuart McAlpine Miller's new collection.
Artists: Stuart McAlpine Miller


Andrew Kinsman rocks out at V Festival

Andrew Kinsman swaps his easel for a saxophone to tour with chart-topping British rock band Kasabian.
Artists: Andrew Kinsman


Hand-signed by The Incredible Hulk himself! Marvel | Lou Ferrigno

New Marvel collection is hand-signed by Lou Ferrigno - star of the original CBS TV series, The Incredible Hulk.
Artists: Marvel


Animal instinct with Robert Oxley

Psychedelic wildlife artist paints cat-lebrity portrait to raise money for The Big Cat Sanctuary.
Artists: Robert Oxley


Raise a glass to Bob Dylan's American whiskeys

Bob Dylan collaborates with renowned craft distillers to create collection of American whiskeys.
Artists: Bob Dylan


Xue Wang takes the throne at Grand Designs Live

Lowbrow pop surrealist wows crowds as her art is featured in headline-grabbing toilet design.
Artists: Xue Wang
Gallery: Nottingham


Out-of-this-world pencil art from Robert Bailey

Marvel artist counts George Lucas amongst his fans.
Artists: Robert Bailey


Alex Echo creates first-ever Glyndebourne Opera Cup award

American artist hits the high notes with colourful sculpture, which was awarded to mezzo-soprano Samantha Hankey.
Artists: Alex Echo



Our talent competition invites artists from around the world to submit their work. Have you got what it takes?


New Paul Kenton studio is a work of art

Here's a sneak-peek into the cityscape artist's stunning new workspace - housed inside a Victorian gasworks!
Artists: Paul Kenton


Tea for two with Peter and Jayne Smith

Ever wondered what it would be like to explore Peter and Jayne Smith's world of Impossimals? Wonder no longer.
Artists: Jayne Smith, Peter Smith


Dan Lane unveils UNCHAINED in London

New collection from edgy artist goes 'Underground' at exclusive VIP launch in UK capital.
Artists: Dan Lane


Shedding light on Ombres de Ville by Frédéric Daty

French sculptor visits our Liverpool gallery to debut stunning new city-inspired collection.
Artists: Frédéric Daty
Gallery: Liverpool


Emma Grzonkowski headlines at Who We Be

Figurative artist is commissioned to create piece marking the first-ever Spotify live music event.
Artists: Emma Grzonkowski


Revolutionising ink-in-water art with Plume

Contemporary artist collective are pushing the boundaries of the medium, one photograph at a time.
Artists: Plume


Train Tracks: Bob Dylan

As one of the iconic musician’s most collected artworks, ‘Train Tracks’ continues to fascinate a global audience.
Artists: Bob Dylan


New chapter for Raphael Mazzucco | The Never-Ending Summer

World-renowned photographer launches first collector's edition book, The Never-Ending Summer.
Artists: Raphael Mazzucco


Celestial visit from Hamish Blakely | Heavenly Creatures

Spiritual artist drops by our state-of-the-art Chester gallery to chat about his new pieces.
Artists: Hamish Blakely
Gallery: Chester


Cheers to our brand-new Exeter gallery!

We're back and better than ever after moving from our pop-up to a new location on Roman Walk in the city centre.
Artists: Nigel Mason
Gallery: Exeter


Lorenzo Quinn lends his 'Support' in Venice

Italian sculptor named 'most Instagrammable' after giant hands artwork goes viral at prestigious La Biennale di Venezia.
Artists: Lorenzo Quinn


Behind the scenes with Marvel legend Stan Lee

Rare glimpse of artwork signing by the editor and creator of Spider-Man, Hulk, Black Widow and Doctor Strange.
Artists: Marvel


Bob Barker shines Northern Light in Leeds

Nostalgic oil painter brings signature 'Northern Impressionism' to Leeds City Museum for original artwork exhibition.
Artists: Bob Barker
Gallery: Leeds


Bob Dylan awarded Nobel Prize in Literature

Trailblazing artist recognised for 'new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition'.
Artists: Bob Dylan


Celebrating 25 years of Sonic the Hedgehog

Our Sega collaboration sees eight of our most popular artists pay homage to the iconic video game character.
Artists: Craig Davison, Dan Lane , Frédéric Daty, Keith Maiden, Louis Sidoli, Nic Joly, Paul Kenton, Robert Oxley, Sega


Travelling The Beaten Path with Bob Dylan

Much-anticipated 2016 release sees the artist and songwriter retrace his steps through the American landscape.
Artists: Bob Dylan


50 Shades of sultry with Raphael Mazzucco

Fashion photographer collaborates with bestselling author E.L. James for Fifty Shades of Grey interpretation.
Artists: Raphael Mazzucco


Autumn 2016

Our bold, bright collection of contemporary works spans the entire artistic spectrum. All you have to do is pick your favourite!
Artists: Jeff Rowland, Keith Maiden, Lawrence Coulson, Nic Joly, Paul Corfield, Paul Kenton, Richard Rowan, Robert Oxley, Shazia


Farewell to Paul Horton after 18 years

The artist has delighted fans with over 200 artworks and 40 sculptures over the last four decades.
Artists: Paul Horton


A Cup Of Tea and a Slice Of Bake | Peter Smith

The Impossimals® return with creators Peter and Jayne Smith for a smorgasbord of confectionery delights.
Artists: Jayne Smith, Peter Smith


Nic Joly teaches us about Being Human

New work sees miniature sculptor cast off convention to celebrate honesty and our individuality.
Artists: Nic Joly


Love and Desire by Rob Hefferan

Figurative painter reveals the darker side of passion in his provocative new collection.
Artists: Rob Hefferan
Gallery: Birmingham - ICC


Inside Ronnie Wood's Private Collection

Artworks taken from the personal archive of Rolling Stones legend Ronnie Wood.
Artists: Ronnie Wood


High Society with Andrew Kinsman

From his Café Society collection to making the society pages...
Artists: Andrew Kinsman
Gallery: Bath



Simon Claridge pays homage to some of Playboy’s most iconic cover images
Artists: Simon Claridge



Legendary Midlands graffiti artist Temper returns to the art arena
Artists: Temper


Intergalactic art: Star Wars by Marvel

From Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia to R2-D2 and Darth Vader, celebrate all of your favourite Star Wars with our truly out-of-this-world Marvel release.
Artists: Marvel



Art Life Football
Artists: Keith Maiden, Nic Joly, Pelé, Raphael Mazzucco, Stuart McAlpine Miller


Follow that cab!

Romero Britto speeds onto the London art scene
Artists: Romero Britto
Gallery: London - South Molton Street



Iconic landmarks given a metallic makeover in a striking collection of wall sculptures
Artists: Frédéric Daty


Through The Seasons | Lawrence Coulson

Limited edition art by award-winning landscape artist Lawrence Coulson
Artists: Lawrence Coulson


Never Forgotten by Nic Joly

Nic Joly's mastery of miniature sculpture marks the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of World War One.
Artists: Nic Joly


The longest 141 days in history

Heart-rending display sees sculptor Nic Joly place 141 golden figures on war memorials to commemorate each day the Battle of the Somme was fought.
Artists: Nic Joly


In The Frame

Temper's frames are a work of art in their own right
Artists: Temper


John Myatt talks Old Masters at the Chester Grosvenor

VIP event at the Chester Grosvenor
Artists: John Myatt
Gallery: Chester


Autumn 2013

Brand new limited editions from our leading portfolio of artists
Artists: Alex Echo, Craig Davison, Hamish Blakely, Lawrence Coulson, Paul Horton, Paul Kenton, Peter Smith, Stuart McAlpine Miller


Altered Images

The debut collection from Stuart McAlpine Miller
Artists: Stuart McAlpine Miller


Billy Connolly | Born On A Rainy Day

Billy Connolly unveils debut art collection at star-studded event featuring TV star Vic Reeves.
Artists: Billy Connolly

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