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Scarlett Raven

Lives and works: Easy Wittering, West Sussex
Education: Central Saint Martins School of Art
Exhibitions: Titanic Belfast (2018), Manchester Central Library (2018), Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Building (2016)
“Paint is thrown on, splattered and flicked. Spitting and dancing, it creates a whole world of magic.”

Scarlett has engaged people the world over with her groundbreaking augmented reality project, The Danger Tree. Exposing the true story of World War One, the collection sees traditional oil painting transposed over animation, film and poetry.


A graduate of the prestigious Central Saint Martins School of Art, Scarlett’s fans include Orlando Bloom, Lord Jonathan Marland and Take That.

Passionate about colour, her dynamic approach often sees her use her hands rather than a brush to apply oil paint. Her sweeping arm gestures create movement and direction, with the artist being likened to Anselm Kiefer and Jackson Pollock.

Scarlett says: “The paint is thrown on, splattered and flicked. When it lands, it captures the flowers blowing in the wind. The movement must be in every layer, so when you step back you feel like the landscape is alive. It creates a whole world of magic.”

To unlock the multiple layers in Scarlett’s work, download the Blippar app through the iOS app store or the Google Play store for Android and simply scan any piece online to get started.


Inside the world of Scarlett Raven

Scarlett creates tactile art by covering her hands in oil pigment and gently feeling her way around the surface. Using fluorescent yellows and pinks, she splatters the paint on to capture the movement of flowers in the wind.

The artist explains: "The movement must be in every layer, so when you step back you feel like the landscape is alive. It's the magic of knowing that something beautiful is about to happen." 

Working with Winsor & Newton paints, her three favourite colours are Cobalt Turquoise Light, Cobalt Violet and Quinacridone Magenta. Scarlett's best tip? Barrier cream!

She jokes: "It's what mechanics use to protect themselves from oil. I feel like an athlete prepping for a game."

Latest events

Scarlett Raven & Marc Marot | Artist Appearance

Deconstructing the process of painting via digital mastery, the artists' groundbreaking project pits the past against the present, reframing history and classic techniques through the lens of 21st century technology. Come along to find out more about their headline-grabbing digital art. 

From the blog

The Danger Tree

Scarlett Raven and Marc Marot are exposing the true story of World War One using augmented reality.

Magazines and brochures

Scarlett Raven | The Eleventh Hour

A striking collection from young artist Scarlett Raven which explores the complexities of the poppy. The Eleventh Hour, directly references the date of Armistice Day in 1918: a date etched into the fabric of our history.

Scarlett Raven | The Danger Tree

The Danger Tree collection takes its name from the only tree left standing on the battlefield during the fighting, and is inspired by classic WWI poetry.

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