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Hamish Blakely

Born: Canterbury
Lives and works: Warwickshire
Education: Kingston University London
Awards: Benson and Hedges Gold Award for Illustration, Manhattan Arts International Award
Exhibitions: 'Muse' Knightsbridge (2011), 'Simple Pleasures' Birmingham (2013), 'Out Of Work Angels' Mayfair (2015), 'Heavenly Creatures' Chester (2017), 'iMasterpiece' Liverpool (2019)
“I want viewers to enjoy the paintings first, and be confronted with more searching questions after. ”

Whether it was sketching his favourite comic book superheroes or drawing caricatures of his school teachers, a childhood affinity for art paved the way for a successful career for Hamish.


During his time as a professional illustrator, his clients included The Body Shop and British Telecom. He was also chosen to paint two front covers for the world-renowned author of Schindler’s List, Thomas Keneally.

Inspired by the beauty of the female form, his artworks hint at deeper, primal forces. Using a rich colour palette, Hamish paints with finesse while creating a tactile surface achieved with layer upon layer of heavily-applied pigment. He cites his wife Gail as the muse for his pieces.

Hamish says: “I have completely changed the way I paint over decades. In fact, I am proud, not conceited, to write that I now paint in a way that I would have thought impossible twenty, thirty years ago.”  

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Inside the world of Hamish Blakely

Like many great artists, Hamish has a muse. And it is none other than his wife Gail! The artist explains: "We men folk have a lot to learn, and I have learned a great deal from her since we met. My art celebrates that mystifying blend of feminine beauty and strength. While loyal to that enduring genre of the celebrated nude and venerated goddess in art, I also explore the majesty of a woman's presence."

The artist's love of women has seen him explore themes of empowerment, narcissism and even 'smartphone mania'. Subjects have included angels, courtesans and celebrities but his loyalty remains to the intrinsic beauty of the female form. 

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Hamish Blakely | Artist Appearance

Through the lens of the Old Masters, painter Hamish Blakely captures the snare of social media in his provocative new collection of original works, iMasterpiece. His signature focus on the sensuality of the female form sees him fuse classic masterpieces with materialistic symbols and instantly-recognisable cultural icons.  

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Social satire and modern masterpieces

Hamish Blakely channels his social commentary through an exquisite renaissance of art history’s most iconic paintings in his latest collection, iMasterpiece.

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Hamish Blakely | iMasterpiece

Through the lens of the Old Masters, painter Hamish Blakely captures the snare of social media in his provocative new collection of original works, iMasterpiece

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