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Frédéric Daty

Born: Lyon, France
Lives and works: Chartres, France
Education: École Brassart
Awards: Ville de Chartres (2017)
Exhibitions: ART SYLT (2018), Galerie Bernheim Jeune (2015)
“My art is my cure and my way of sharing. It's an incredible feeling of connection.”

A conjurer of light and shadow, French sculptor Frédéric explores the world that exists between nature and technology.


Frédéric grew up in the coastal region of Brittany and after graduating from the Brassart School in Tours worked in advertising for 15 years. Keen to explore his artistic vision, he abandoned the Parisian lifestyle and flew to North America before settling in his current homeplace of Chartres, France.

His passion for honesty is reflected in his choice of medium. He works with steel due to its raw, primal quality. Light and shadows play an essential role in his art, as the light animates the metal and plays with it, changing the colour and giving the impression of constant evolvement and life.

Frédéric says: “There are always three elements to my work: the metal symbolising Mother Earth, the stylised figurative shapes representing the spiritual realm, and the light and shadows which evoke movement and change.”

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Inside the world of Frédéric Daty

As a child, Frédéric fought the boredom of reality with dreams and the creation of his own world. From heroic fantasy to science fiction, his inspirations pushed him to explore. He was particularly moved by artists such as Victor Vasarely, Giacomo Balla and M.C. Escher. 

Over the years, he has taken inspiration from photographic surrealism, chiaroscuro, kinetic art and Chinese ink art. While his stylised shapes are primarily designed to be pleasing to the eye, their purpose is to make the viewer contemplate the subtelties of their own life and reflect on their memories.

He adds: "The light and shadow also play an essential role. The light animates the metal and plays with it depending on the time of day and movements of people in the room. Although the metal itself is static, its changing surface and colour give the impression that it is moving and evolving.

"There are always three elements to my work: metal (symbolising Mother Earth and the basic elements); the stylised figurative shapes (which represent the spiritual realm), and light and shadows (which evoke movement and change). This trinity, in turn, represents life and what I believe in." 

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