A sparkling addition to Whatshisname's collection - the crystal balloon dog!

Whathisname’s newest sculpture release sees a new take on his signature fun-loving pooping balloon dogs, originally created as a parody of the work of artist Jeff Koons, with an incredible new work made from glass crystal. This new POPek balloon dog is just as cute and funny as his friends, but as he's made of glass crystal, he looks splendid under different lights, and will be a huge talking point in your home as you can see in the video below!

The series, inspired by the natural behaviour or real-life dogs is a favourite among collectors. Unashamedly cheeky, the pooping balloon dog has become an instant classic among Pop Art-lovers and design enthusiasts, having been featured in galleries and public installations across the UK; most recently venturing into space in Whatshisname’s first solo exhibition outside of Earth’s atmosphere.

The world of Whatshisname is both a fun and emotional one, as he mixes the light-heartedness of his balloon dogs with the wistful nostalgia of his Gone series of favourite childhood characters.

You can see all Whatshisname's art here.

Doggy delights

The sparkling new glass crystal dog piece sees the delicate and graceful associations of glass crystal mix with the humorous themes of contemporary art, and is a wonderful addition to Whatshisname's catalogue.

Part of the joy of the balloon dog series comes from its connection to children’s parties with their brightly-coloured party balloons, conjuring an idea of nostalgia and joy - they evoke the unbridled joy of a kids party juxtaposed with the reality and humour of a dog pooping.


Watch the light glint and refract through POPek’s clear glass crystal curves in our video below!


More from the 'Gone' series

Whatshisname created his iconic Gone series after dreaming about a figure from his childhood. “They only appeared as a faded silhouette,” he remembers. “It felt like meeting with an old family member or a good friend who l hadn't see in a very long time. After waking up I could still remember the feeling but I couldn't remember who the person was, only a shadowy outline which could have been anyone”.

The extended hands of the characters stuck to the face of the canvases remind us about the presence of these characters. Are they saying goodbye while fading from our memories as we focus our attention elsewhere in adult lives? Or are they saying: “We are still here, don’t forget about us!” as they fade into the past? It’s up to the viewer to decide what their childhood heroes are saying to them.

“I created this series of work to acknowledge the influence of our childhood on our future selves,” says Whatshisname. “It’s a tribute to a happy childhood and to a feeling of nostalgia. Many of us hold on to something special and meaningful that we grew out of but still remember fondly. The Gone series is exactly that – it’s aimed at adults, not kids”.


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Whathisname releases his hallmark balloon dogs in fabulous new finishes, plus more of his playful Jeff Balloonski Jr sculptures in four feet high versions! There are also more original pieces from his emotional Gone series.

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