Peter and Jayne Smith shake things up with their new Impossimals collection

Just in time for festive frolics at Christmas, the Smiths bring us a selection of classic cocktails in their Shaker Maker collection, featuring their classic Impossimals having a feast of fun!

Featured Art: "The Shaker Maker - Set of Six". The limited edition is hand-signed by Peter Smith. 


The Shaker Maker

Peter and Jayne Smith are shaking things up in their new The Shaker Maker collection, which sees Peter’s art put a naughty new spin on a series of classic cocktails. The Shaker Maker sees the Impossimals bring out in glorious bold colour the fun we know and love, coupled with a bit of Dutch courage and a reminder to find the humour in life, ourselves and the times we share with friends and family!

The Impossimals have become some of fine art’s most recognisable characters due to Peter’s fine artistic craftsmanship and the funny and all-too-recognisable situations they find themselves in! They’ve garnered a dedicated following among art enthusiasts for their unique blend of humour, creativity, and craftsmanship.

The artworks created by Peter and Jayne are known for their intricate details and vibrant colours, giving them a surreal and captivating quality. They mix popular culture, social critique and an insatiable lust for finding the fun in life, reminding us to recapture a little of that cheeky childhood sparkle we so often grow out of.

The Collection

With their collectors at the heart of everything they do, Peter and Jayne are back with the latest in their Impossimals drinks series: The Shaker Maker, featuring their own twist on a menu of the classic cocktails we all know and love. With Impossimal humour in every piece, you’re bound to find something you can relate to within this new collection.

The Shaker Maker sees the Impossimals vignetted by a classic and simple black background, letting the bold colours of the vibrant oil paints radiate the fun we know and love. Peter often crafts his paintings in 3D by hand, allowing him to explore the interplay of light, form, colour, and texture in a controlled and creative way. These extensive preparations provide a beautiful quality and finish to his paintings.


The Inspiration

In The Shaker Maker, Peter has been inspired by the classic, simple graphics of the original 1949 Cluedo game cards. “I’ve always had a fascination with it,” says Peter. “Not the game itself - I really couldn’t give a monkey if Professor Plum did something naughty in the conservatory with a blunt shoe - but I love the fantastic graphic design of the Cluedo character cards".

“When I was developing The Shaker Maker collection, I knew that this style of imagery was exactly what I needed – an amusing collection of vignettes stylised with a pure black background for visual punch.

“I then wrote a list of the 20 most popular cocktails and broke them down into their components; gin, lime, coffee beans etc to get a focus and looked for word associations and puns to get my brain kickstarted into creating. Approximately two and a half thousand sketches later I had narrowed it down to eight, of which six form The Shaker Maker, our latest Impossimal collection.”

Featured Artist

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