More witty works from comic genius Billy Connolly!

The irrepressible Billy Connolly returns with the 11th instalment of his Born on a Rainy Day collection for Castle Fine Art, and it’s bound to delight anyone who’s ever found themselves agreeing with the hilarious worldview of the Scots comedian, musician, writer, actor and artist.


Billy Connolly

Billy Connolly is one of our most popular artists, and his brilliant sense of humour and personal philosophy are reflected in the four new limited edition pieces which comprise Born on a Rainy Day 2023 - 'Nightmare', 'Drunk Donkey', 'Pontius Tries Pilates' and 'One Armed Juggler'. They are available individually, or as a framed or unframed set of four and are sure to sell quickly, so act now to secure your piece. Billy describes his new works below.

Don't forget that Billy's Born on a Rainy Day coffee table book, which comes with a signed print, is still available.

Drunk Donkey

“I used to have two when I lived in Scotland. I just let them wander about the place eating the grass. They're lovely, they're friendly, they're like dogs. They cling to you, they've got a real tie to human beings. Donkeys are funny animals but it's an endearing kind of funny. Our donkeys used to escape over the wall of the garden, run down to the village and the villagers would bring them back.

“Donkeys always look drunk and behave drunk. This one’s a friendly looking guy and I think he's been drunk a few times because he's got a beer belly on him. And he's got the drunk legs!”


“I have lots of nightmares. I never really remember them. But I'm famous for shouting in the night and singing and laughing; my daughter has seen me; I've never remembered it. And I was directing a play in my sleep. I was talking to the actors and then I would become the actors, singing songs.”

One Armed Juggler

"He’s an example of the fact that most of the figures in my work are doing things that don't matter. Just doing the things they do, thinking they'll do you good - I've spent my life doing that. You see guys in their sixties out running in the evening and you think: 'Get a chair. Get a chair and a bottle of beer and switch on the telly; who are you kidding?'. But all my guys are doing that, they're trying to be part of it wherever 'it' is.”

Pontius Tries Pilates

“I always wanted to give him a kind of keep-fit name and the idea suddenly came to me when my wife was going to the Pilates gym. I said it would be funny to call it Pontius Pilates, then I thought people would be offended by that so I fiddled around and I got ‘Pontius Tries Pilates’. He's just a guy trying at the gym, trying his best. I don't understand the whole gymnasium culture, but he's he does and he's good.

 “I'm not that keen. I go to the gym, and I go to the massage parlour and do Tai Chi, but nothing changes my body. I keep hoping that one day I'll wake up and everything will work; I'll be slim and muscular. I think I can forget it!”

Featured art (L-R): 'One Armed Juggler' and 'Pontius Tries Pilates' by Billy Connolly; limited editions.

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