Marvel | The Legacy Collection | 2023

In 2019, Castle Fine Art was given access to one of the largest collections of Marvel comic book art in the United States. From these archives, a selection of rare editions – all hand-signed by Stan Lee – was curated into a dynamic and eminently desirable collection of Marvel fine art and we are proud to present the fourth edition of the Marvel Legacy collection.

These graphics provide a snapshot into the early modern era of Marvel Comics. Fans will instantly recognise the significant illustrations by some of the world’s most acclaimed comic book artists. Never before exhibited in the UK, the fourth instalment of The Legacy Collection boasts covers and splash pages which showcase legendary superheroes like Iron Man, Wolverine, Spider-Man, Black Widow and Captain America. 

To echo the vivid colours and dynamism of the original large-scale artworks, each graphic has been created by a specialist atelier team using the fine art giclée printing process. This painstaking technique captures the fine details of the original works, including the meticulous shading and ink strokes that added a new dimension to the costumes, weapons and explosive fight scenes. 

Presented in a modern black frame, each image is represented in three edition sizes: a deluxe edition of four, a collector’s edition of 10 and/or a standard edition of 99. The range of complementing sizes also allows collectors to curate their own body of work.

There are only a limited number of editions available, so secure your piece below.