Styling metallic art: The Copper Collection by Paul Kenton

Adding a warmth to any home décor, metallic art is one of the easiest ways to update your interior design. As we reveal a selection of copper-inspired cityscapes by Paul Kenton, we're taking you through some of the ways metallic art can help you to modernise your living space.

Featured by Harper's Bazaar and House Beautiful, the timeless elegance of metal has been incorporated into almost every aspect of contemporary design, from copper fixtures to chrome lighting and stainless steel worktops. Reflecting the light beautifully, these lustrous accents can give even the smallest or minimalist of rooms a luxurious feel. Copper in particular can create an inner glow and offset darker colour schemes or contrasting textures like velvet and wood, so it is little surprise that it has been hammered, chased and engraved since medieval times to decorate homes. 

Bringing this trend into the 21st century, The Copper Collection includes three hand-embellished artworks that capture lively scenes of London and New York. Following extensive research, our specialist atelier team selected a stainless steel base with a copper ink treatment to replicate the textures and tones of the original copper artworks. Find out more about the process below! 

Scroll down for our style tips, or book a free consultation with an art consultant to discuss the availability of limited edition and original art by Paul Kenton. 


Paul Kenton

                                                                            Featured art: 'Prominence' by Paul Kenton, £1,450


Paul, who is also known for his aluminium artworks, has experimented with different mediums in recent years, including copper and wood. For his new limited edition prints, the metal was treated with a copper ink at a specified opacity that was designed to allow the finish of the stainless steel to shine through. After this, the details and colours were applied by our atelier team before the prints were hand-embellished with paints, gels and resins to create a 3D effect. As each piece is finished and signed by hand, they are all unique. 

How to feature metallics in your home décor

It's easy to make a huge difference to your living room, bedroom, kitchen or home office with just a few simple steps. Incorporating metallic elements can create a central focus, add a light source or elevate plain furnishings. Here are just a few of the ways you can use metallic art to make a style statement: 


The beauty of metal is that it can be mixed with other effects and textures, including  wood, marble and textiles. Different metals will also create different moods in your living space, with copper, brass and gold creating a warm glow, and aluminium and stainless steel creating a cooler effect. 


Many metals, including stainless steel, are 100% recyclable, making them a great choice if you're trying to shop responsibly. We're also committed to playing our part in protecting the environment, with all of our artworks framed in sustainably sourced wood. 


If you're after a more subtle look, features like frames and hand-embellishment can help you to embrace this trend. Our huge range of frames includes metallic and foil effects in a spectrum of colours, from luxurious golds to silver, pewter and bronze. These can be mixed with other furnishings in your home. 

Other details can include the gold foil embellishment of Pascale Taurua's figurative works, or the metallic inks used during the giclée printing process for Dan Lane's mechanical creations. 


Running low on wall space? Metallic sculptures are a fantastic space-saver. Explore our sculpture collection for works from every genre, including bronze wildlife sculptures by Roxy Winterburn and Steve Winterburn, and the fusion of ancient Chinese and Western traditions by Wu Ching Ju. 


For more news and advice on the latest art trends, catch up on our issues of Fine Art Collector magazine. You can also chat to our friendly online art consultants or your local gallery team via phone, email or video-call. 

Featured art: Paul Corfield, 'The Start of Autumn', £550. 

Featured Artist

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