Nigel Humphries' wizard new works!

The hugely-popular artist Nigel Humphries brings us a magical new collection of limited edition giclée prints that are sure to enthral fantasy fans everywhere.

Hogwarts After Dark

Nigel Humphries

The Sorting Hat

Nigel Humphries

The Dark Lord

Nigel Humphries

The Final Battle

Nigel Humphries

Nigel Humphries is passionate about recreating the feelings of childhood nostalgia and will always go that little bit further to add extra magic to his paintings. He is skilled at evoking the youthful wonder of losing yourself whilst playing with a favourite toy, and also bringing his fine art mastery to create the scene.

As an incredibly skilled contemporary still-life artist, Nigel is always driven to achieve perfection in his work, both to satisfy his artistic development and the demands of fans of the characters he paints. He always researches the look of those characters in depth by watching films and listening to their soundtracks as he paints, as he’s very aware that collectors expect the details in his works to be totally correct.

Another part of creating the detailed look is the use of toys in his studio which are carefully posed in a still-life scene. In this collection, he has used fairy lights to imitate the story’s magical effects. “I’m really pleased with the effects of the glowing wands, which I achieved by shining small fairy lights behind the canvas and using them as a guide,” Nigel explains. “I’ve also finished the paintings with a shimmering effect which gives them a really special finish.”

Nigel’s exciting new collection of limited edition giclee prints, featuring the iconic characters from the fantasy world we all know and love, has been eagerly awaited by his army of collectors. Featuring his signature character work and ripped paper motif, the new collection is one that he’s really enjoyed creating. “This has been an amazing project to work on, filled with many colourful and interesting characters,” says Nigel. “It was really difficult to choose which ones to include in this collection, as there are so many strong and beloved characters to choose from. I felt sure that I wanted the paintings to give a snapshot of some of Harry’s journey from his early days at Hogwarts when he was small and nervous, to his final battle with Voldemort.”

Featured art: 'The Dark Lord' by Nigel Humphries, limited edition giclée, also available as part of a set of four.

The Sorting Hat

“This painting depicts Harry wearing the iconic hat before it decides his fate as to which house he will belong. The oversized hat helps to reflect Harry’s youth and the trepidation he must feel as he embarks on his first bewildering day at his new school. It’s a feeling we can all relate to, of being very small, amongst much older, wiser children, and it’s something I’ve experienced with children in my own family. This is a universal experience I know everyone will recognise. I wanted to portray his anxiety and hopefully the painting does that. I have included the house colours to give a bit of additional narrative.”

The Dark Lord

“It’s always enjoyable to paint villains and this painting gave me the perfect opportunity to do just that. I have used lighting effects on Voldemort’s wand and exaggerated various patterns on the clothing. Although this is mainly a muted-toned painting, there are lots of details within the outfits and on the Death Eaters’ marks which helps to give the painting more depth.

“Painting the metallic effect on the masks was particularly enjoyable to do. I chose to paint on parchment paper and metal studs rather than my usual paper and drawing pins in order to keep the historic feel of the painting. I have included flying Dementors and the Dark Mark symbol in the sky to again reflect the darkness of the subject matter.”

Hogwarts After Dark

“I didn’t feel that this collection was complete without including Ron and Hermione as they embark on their school journey and all that it has in store for them. The challenge within this painting was the lighting effects coming from their wands and how it highlights certain areas of their faces and clothing. I included an owl, the school and the house crest onto the ripped paper background to give some narrative of where they are within the stories.” 

The Final Battle

“This was a great climactic piece to work on, with the showdown between Harry and Voldemort. I have included crumbling buildings in the background again on parchment paper to keep the Gothic style of the painting. I have exaggerated the colours from the lightning bolts coming from their wands to dramatize the effect.

“This painting has a somewhat sombre feel to reflect the mood of the subject matter. I originally sketched this piece in a charcoal outline before painting, which helped me to achieve the fluidity of the villain’s robes.”

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