Tsavo | Circle of Life | Roxy Winterburn | 2022

Roxy returns with Tsavo, the latest addition to her Circle Of Life series, named after one of the oldest and largest parks in Kenya which she visited during her childhood. “The first time I [visited] I was seven years old and honestly, it’s still my favourite trip I’ve ever been on,” explained Roxy. “I have made some incredible memories in that magical place which will be with me for a lifetime.”

The versatile artist and chemist has a rich personal history with art, science and animal conservation. Blending all three passions together has allowed Roxy to forge a unique identity as an expressive, stylised sculptor with a keen eye for detail and talent for producing high-quality bronze works. Notably, a background in chemistry with forensic science and toxicology has greatly influenced her patination techniques; Roxy uses different chemicals to produce some exceptional finishes. She now uses her own custom chemical mixtures to create patinas, individualising her as an artist. 

The addition includes ‘Aurora’ the baby giraffe, ‘M&M’ meerkats, ‘Pickles’ the pangolin -- the most trafficked endangered animal on the planet -- and ‘Honey’ the warthog, which Roxy named after her experience with a sweet-natured warthog in Kenya. From conception to completion, Roxy makes everything entirely on her own. Each piece is crafted in England and all carry unique features as a result of differing patinas, which cannot be replicated. "Every day in the workshop is different from the last, which is what makes it so much fun," said Roxy. "Some days I may be sculpting, but others I may be making moulds, doing lost waxes, or welding and chasing the bronzes. I can complete every part of the process from the very beginning of sculpting right to the final patinated bronze."

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Roxy Winterburn


Roxy Winterburn


Roxy Winterburn


Roxy Winterburn


"I remember as a small child visiting a zoo with my dad and seeing a baby giraffe tucked around on itself fast asleep. At the time I remember finding it quite fascinating but questioning whether that was a comfortable way to sleep. This image always stuck with me though, and I just had to recreate this experience.”


"I have lot of very fond memories with meerkats. From seeing them in the wild on my trips to Kenya, to feeding and playdates with them at paradise wildlife park in Broxbourne. I love the individuality of their characters and that is something I wanted to capture with this piece. Seeing mobs of meerkats playfully frolicking together in the sunshine reminded me of the joyful and friendly character of my boyfriend's children, Max and Millie, who we have jointly nicknamed M&M. The fact they can be interlocked or separate I think reflects their nature perfectly."


"The poaching of wild animals in Africa is something that truly breaks my heart. The pangolin is the most trafficked mammal on the planet, and they are endangered. I hope Pickles helps raise awareness of the hardships these cute little animals face and raises some money for their cause."

Castle Fine Art will be donating a 'Pickles' sculpture to Fauna & Flora International, the world's oldest international wildlife conservation organisation, to help raise money to save these animals from the illegal wildlife trade. 


"Another animal I was lucky enough to witness out in the wild was warthogs. They are not really known for being attractive creatures, however I do think they are super cute. I think this little one is sweet as honey and so she was named."


Bronze: an alloy  consisting primarily of copper, commonly with about 12–12.5% tin and often with the addition of other metals (such as aluminium, manganese, nickel or zinc) and sometimes non-metals or metalloids such as arsenic, phosphorus or silicon. Roxy uses a much purer bronze with only 4% additional alloys. 

Chasing: is accomplished with a hammer, punches and various other tools including drills used on the face of the metal. They are used to define or refine the forms of a surface design and bring them to the height of relief required. This is a labour-intensive stage.

Patina: a thin layer that forms on the surface of copper, brass, bronze and similar metals. It is atarnish produced by oxidisation or other chemical processes.

Sprue: a vertical channel in a mould through which molten metal is poured to ensure an even pour throughout the sculpture. Spruing involves making the channels into the moulds.


"I like stylised art. A piece doesn't necessarily have to be a realistic representation of a subject; it is what it is, and I want that to come through in my work. For example, I have created my pieces so you can recognise the animals, but they don't have to be an exact replica of the real thing."

Roxy Winterburn

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